[thechat] Biker Dex?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Jul 27 15:13:01 CDT 2005


> Yup ... It's a 'safety' issue too ... The faster you can go, 
> the faster you can get the H E double toothpicks outta there 
> if bad weather rolls in!  ;-)

A few years ago my wife and I were in the Bahamas, and toying
with the idea of buying some property. The real estate guy --
who also rented houses, ran a marina, everyone wears multiple
hats on small islands -- took us for a tour around one island,
and a run down to Marsh Harbor to talk to some financial/legal

44' Intrepid with 3 -- three -- 425 HP Honda outboards. :-)

Big fun with it cranked up in (semi-)open water. (The Sea of
Abaco is somewhat sheltered, and relatively shallow.)

More grin-ammunition :-)

> Whoa!  Heh.  Big Fun!  I think 'tubing' is the national sport 
> here in the Republic of Texas!  Simple too!  Cuz there is only 
> one rule you hafta to remember:
> It's okay to hit 'fast water' ... 
> and lose the family dog ... 
> or the kids ... 
> or your Significant Other ... 
> or even your shorts!

came close to that on one wipeout :-)

> But whatever you do ... Just make Dang Sure you don't spill 
> your beer!  

I'm with ya...

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