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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 28 07:03:24 CDT 2005

Martin Burns kindly asked:

>>How's our favourite Houstonian coping?

Hi Martin || All,


Everyone is okay.  Everything is okay.  The storm, as you all know by
now, turned east and put the Bayou City here on the 'clean side'.

We were lucky.  We got a little wind and about 1" of rain.  No biggie.  

We ran off to Dallas for a few days.  Took one of the grandsons to the
Dallas World Aquarium.  Nice place!

We took 'the back roads' up and back.  No horror stories.  We made very
good time. (6.25 hours up. 6.50 hours back.) ... and managed to find
gasoline when we needed it.

We were without electrical power for about 9 hours once we got back and
we had to drive around to three different grocery stores to find one
that was open and had any food.  No biggie.  We were lucky.  This could
have been a very nasty storm.

[Note to admin:  I sent a "Greetings from Houston" note in from one of
my home addys.  I was probably pretty tired and cranky.  No need for
that now.  Go ahead and kill it.  Thanks!]

The 'bad penny' turns up again!


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