[thechat] speaking of transitions...

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Fri Sep 30 16:20:13 CDT 2005

Luther, Ron wrote:
> Wow!
> [Uh yeah, Judah, I'd say that counts as a "transition". (hoser)]

Ron the Canadian Texan? Hoser yourself buddy :p

> Congratulations to you AND your lovely bride!

She is rather delicious, isn't she? Everyone was quite shocked to see 
the bride in white and the groom wearing pants. Somehow we managed to 
pull it off anyway.

> I'll definitely raise a glass to your happiness later this evening.

/me tips back a glass of one the 6 left over bottles of wine in thanks

> Sooooo ... that means y'all'll be heading off to the Poconos then?

Something like that :)  We actually just did a one day decompression at 
the hotsprings. But we are planning on saving up and hopefully doing a 
cross country trip next spring. Danica's parents moved to Florida for 
work, so we are thinking about driving down and back. Head out down 
through California, across through Arkansas (where she was born) and 
over to FL. Then back up through Memphis, up to St. Louis and back 
across to Oregon. Kind of wedding road show to visit the folks that 
couldn't make it out for the event itself.

> RonL.
> (Some nosy guy off to rifle through the pictures.)

Hey, this was a shotgun wedding, no rifles invited! err..wait a minute...


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