[thechat] numbness can be a real pain

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Nov 14 14:03:11 CST 2005

Martin Burns asked:

>>so, the Parceltongue classes not working out then?

Hi Martin!

Hmmm ... Hadn't thought of that.  I suppose it _could_ have been a
dialect translation issue ... Perhaps "G'day and how's yur mum?" in
Python came across as "G'head. Bite the snot out of my hand! I dare ya!"
in CalKing.   ;-P

>>senior member of staff who's 27. Yes, *27*. 

;-)  Heh.  Only a few short ticks from 'wonderkind' to 'grouchy old


(Portable Code? WTF For? Its all ephemera that's gonna be thrown away in
a few years anyway!)

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