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Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 18:08:56 CST 2005

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I'm looking for a site like travelocity.com or expedia.com for
intra-european flights. I have a flight to Amsterdam in March, and my
plan is to hit Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam in about 8 days time. Since
there is so little time, I figured I needed to stick to flying. I know
about ryanair and easyjet, but the flights to and from Rome are a bit
tricky with the discount airlines.

So, is there a site where I can put in a source and destination and get
results from all available airlines, ordered by price?

Also, my flight to Amsterdam is on Air France and makes a connetion in
Paris. My plan currently is to just skip the connection from Paris to
Amsterdam, see Paris, go to Rome, and end the trip in Amsterdam, where I
can catch the full flight home to the States. I figure this will not be
a problem, but I wanted to double check with people who might know
better. Is missing that connection flight going to be an issue? Should I
do anything beyond simply informing them at the desk when we arive at
CDG that we will not be on the flight to Amsterdam? Would they do
anything weird like assume that I won't be on the return flight from AMS
to CDG to the States?

Any other pointers? I've been to Europe a couple times, and even did a
little intra-European travel via rail, but this is a much larger
logistical problem.


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