[thechat] european airline-agnostic flight booking site

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Nov 16 18:26:34 CST 2005

hi mike,

http://dohop.is/Default.aspx might be helpful


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|:.I'm looking for a site like travelocity.com or expedia.com for
|:.intra-european flights. I have a flight to Amsterdam in March, and my
|:.plan is to hit Paris, Rome, and Amsterdam in about 8 days time. Since
|:.there is so little time, I figured I needed to stick to 
|:.flying. I know
|:.about ryanair and easyjet, but the flights to and from Rome are a bit
|:.tricky with the discount airlines.
|:.So, is there a site where I can put in a source and 
|:.destination and get
|:.results from all available airlines, ordered by price?
|:.Also, my flight to Amsterdam is on Air France and makes a 
|:.connetion in
|:.Paris. My plan currently is to just skip the connection from Paris to
|:.Amsterdam, see Paris, go to Rome, and end the trip in 
|:.Amsterdam, where I
|:.can catch the full flight home to the States. I figure this 
|:.will not be
|:.a problem, but I wanted to double check with people who might know
|:.better. Is missing that connection flight going to be an 
|:.issue? Should I
|:.do anything beyond simply informing them at the desk when we arive at
|:.CDG that we will not be on the flight to Amsterdam? Would they do
|:.anything weird like assume that I won't be on the return 
|:.flight from AMS
|:.to CDG to the States?
|:.Any other pointers? I've been to Europe a couple times, and 
|:.even did a
|:.little intra-European travel via rail, but this is a much larger
|:.logistical problem.
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