[thechat] Tips on hosting a cocktail party

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Nov 17 16:51:40 CST 2005

Madhu Menon innocently inquired:

>>I'm hosting a cocktail party at my house for some good friends 
>>this weekend. 

Sounds great Madhu!  What time should we show up?   ;-P

>>this is the first party I've thrown, so I look to you folks for 
>>tips that you'd like to share. 

Damn!  ... and no one's written back yet to suggest a large bowl of 
'adult' shaped tequila flavored jello shots?? 

<shakes head /> 

Gee.  Kinda hard to play naked Twister without those isn't it???


Relax.  I'm sure you'll do fine and this will be a big success.  For 
me, anyway, it's kinda tough to make suggestions on music / lighting 
/ seating / snacks / or the need to hide your valuables ... without 
knowing how rowdy or sedate your friends are.  Furthermore, 'local' 
trends that may be 'hot' in one regional area at the moment may not 
play well elsewhere in the world.  

For example, in the 'yuppier' sections of Houston these days there 
seems to be a resurgence in board games.  Can't go to a cocktail 
party here these days (whether hosted by old _or_ young folks) 
without running into board games. <shrug />  But would that go over 
well in your 'hood?  I dunno.

>>Please do share your experiences.

Really???   ;-)

... B-B-But I thought you vetoed the naked Twister thang?!

Chill Out & Have Big Fun!


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