[thechat] pease porridge hot

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 29 14:43:15 CST 2005

Joel (look out Stanley Clarke!) Canfield bemoaned the muse:

<b-moan, b-moan, b-flat-moan />

Hi Joel,

>>I'm curious if it's always as disorganized and painful as my 
>>experiences indicate.

I'm only guessing, but I suspect that's the norm. 
It's those touchy 'artsy' types, ya know?
</me ducks as nagrom throws a metronome my way>

>>I have the impression I'm pretty easy to get along with

Ooooo! I like true/false!  Is this a true/false?  Hmmmmmm. 
I think I'll go with "true".  ;-)

>>though I can be a bit of a music Nazi. 

Naw. You've only smacked me upside the head when I've been talking 
out my hat 'bout Dylan or Roy Clark.  Good stuff!  Keep it up!

>>a country band; great twang stuff which I love to play. 

Well, ya know, ya gotta follow your heart ... maybe a nice relo 
to Luckenbach?  Lots of twang in the hill country!
</me ducks as Sue throws MUCH more than a metronome my way!>

>>I keep thinking that music should be fun

Absolutely!  (Unless, of course, you're playing a Goth gig ... in which 
case you might wanna cut "Walking on Sunshine" from the second set. Just

a suggestion.)

>>Where do I take an online personality profile to see if, really, it's
just me?

You mean like this one?
Beats me, I dunno, do people do stuff like that?

Keep playing ... Chris Squier needs more worry in his life!


Who attended an odd wedding in Austin last Saturday.  Half the crowd 
was from Texas/Oklahoma - half was from the UK.  Interesting evening.  
They claimed there was going to be a 'Motown' band ... But they actually

played mostly disco.  [Which probably would have been illegal in Texas. 
Fortunately we were in Austin instead.]  On the plus side, we _did_ 
have a 'celebrity wedding crasher'!  Yup, some very recognizable old 
guy wandered in, threw a couple of poses on the dance floor, and 
wandered back out again ... David Kill Kung Bill Fu Carridine!  
An odd, but all-round fun, night!

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