[thechat] pease porridge hot

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 09:10:41 CST 2005

Joel Canfield noted:

>>> <b-moan, b-moan, b-flat-moan />
>like there's not enough suffering in the world already, you have to 
>pull stuff like this?

;-)   You know what they say ... Too much is never enough!

>>> maybe a nice relo to Luckenbach?  
>ooh, yeah, there's an option. why don't you call her and suggest it?

<small contrite voice takes a wild guess/>
Ummmmm ... Cuz you were right about there being too much suffering 
in the world already? <sheepish grin />

>Why Luchenbach? Why not San Antonio or Austin? Keepin' them all to

Well, you were talking about 'twang'. Old skool twang certainly conjures

up images of "Willy and Waylon and the boys".

There really ain't much to Luchenbach itself.  There is a small building

that is a combination post office, gift shop, and coffee shop.  Next
is a much larger building that is more of an 'ice house' style dance
There is a very large parking lot to hold all the Harleys that drive in 
and have a beer so they can say they've been to Luchenbach.  That's
it ... You'll see maybe 6 houses or so on the drive in.  There is a
lot of nuthin to see there.

On the upside, however, it has "location, location, location".
is less than 20 miles out of Fredericksburg, so there is easy access to 
the scenic 'hill country'. And it's roughly an hour (about 60 miles
out of Austin and a similar distance (about 50 miles North) out of San 
Antonio ... So there is access to larger and more eclectic markets while

still being a quiet (except for Saturday nights in the summertime)


'Ice Houses' seem to be the Texas interpretation of neighborhood bars. 
The difference here is that the building only has two or (at most) three

exterior walls.  It's more of a covered patio bar thing.  Probably
back to prehistoric BA times. [Before Air Conditioning] Generally pretty

rustic.  Newer versions, or versions in tougher neighborhoods, may have 
a wall or two of large garage doors that can be rolled down at lockup.

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