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Mon Dec 5 11:48:11 CST 2005

At 08:54 05/12/05 -0800, you wrote:
>of course, I'm also quite conversant in Ways to Get Rid of Cats . . .

oh dear, don't let my sister hear that.  it's too late anyhow.  in addition
to the 2 cats that officially live here 4 more have more or less moved in
over the last few weeks as winter approaches.  well, we think one of them
also moved in across the road and one only sneaks in at night to check for
food.  that's the problem with cat flaps.

2 have definately moved in permanently. they're still pretty wild, can't
touch them yet, but they do like it here.  and the three female humans
living here just can't say no.  after all, the queen of the house (afore
mentioned mjammi) allowed them in.  she's been sitting in a chair situated
right next to the cat flap for the last weeks and every time a cat sticks
their head in she either wacks them one over the head from her elevated
position or she let's them in.  i don't think us humans have much so say in
the matter.

i think we lost the fight when we gave them names because it became too
tedious to refer to them as 'the black tomcat' or the 'sandycolored one'.
i called one 'mugen' after samurai champloo ;)  that's when the other 2
humans in the house made me start sharing the cat food costs.


omnia mea mecum porto


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