[thechat] Champloo - wuz - RE: cats (was: yummy yummy yummy)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 13:11:15 CST 2005

Iris chatted about cats:

>>it's too late anyhow.  in addition to the 2 cats that officially live 
>>here 4 more have more or less moved in over the last few weeks 

Whoa!  No thanks.  I've always kept the 'kitty count' at two or fewer. 
Nowadays, (at zero), it's definitely fewer.

>>i called one 'mugen' after samurai champloo ;)  

How did you like that series?  I have it on my Netflix list ... but I 
have a lot of series on my list.


Who just finished watching disc one of 'Gunslinger Girl' at lunch today.

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