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iris thechat at jarmin.com
Mon Dec 5 15:00:41 CST 2005

At 13:11 05/12/05 -0600, you wrote:
>>>i called one 'mugen' after samurai champloo ;)  
>How did you like that series?  I have it on my Netflix list ... but I 
>have a lot of series on my list.

totally loved it.  it took me a long time to get into anime (put off by
bug-eyed girls in manga) but cowboy bebop brought me around, which i only
checked out because it pops up now and again in geek circles and as a
self-respecting geek i should know what everybody is raving about.

after i'd gotten through cowboy bebop i watched samurai champloo because
it's from the same director.  i think they're both excellent.  i can't
decide which one i like more.

got anything else you would recommend to a fledgling anime fan?

i've also seen some of 'trigun', which already borders on what i don't like
in manga/anime.  cowboy bebop and samurai champloo seem more 'adult'.

would like to be able to get hold of hack/sign.  anime on dvd is
unaffordable here in germany.  crazy prices.  on my next trip to london
i'll check it out there.  i usually spend a day in forbidden planet anyway
and always come out with lots of excellent booty :)

i also only recently found out what 'adult swim' means.  that's a hilarious

>Who just finished watching disc one of 'Gunslinger Girl' at lunch today.

is that good?  look like bug-eyes girlies again.  damn them cute little noses!


omnia mea mecum porto


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