[thechat] tracking down an old employer?

Sean German smgerman at comcast.net
Thu Dec 8 20:53:42 CST 2005


I got an email today from my new employer about verifying one of my old
employers.  This is a bit of a challenge since my old employer (a dotcom
application service provider--remember those?) hasn't existed for about 4
years.  I didn't keep in touch with any of my former associates after the

The request is specifically for "a reference, not related to you," which to
me means a person.  What are the odds a pay stub or tax form will do?  That
would confirm my employment, though not my job title or responsibilities.

I ask you folks before responding to HR in case there's a good reason to not
show these documents.  Most of the info on the pay stubs they already
have--the former employer, a previous home address--except for how much I
was paid 4 years ago and my contribution to the 401(k).  I am not one to
hand over personal information to a large corporation if it can be avoided.

So, any of youse folks needed to verify employment with a dead dotcom?  What
did you do?


Sean G.

"If we wanted more leisure, we'd invent machines that do things less
efficiently."  --Bill Watterson 

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