[thechat] infotourist (was pease porridge hot)

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Dec 22 10:49:31 CST 2005

Noah graciously included a link to some music in his post a while back
and I've been listening to Infotourist's three free MP3s
(http://infotourist.org/music/) for almost a month now, which is a good
thing :)

Noah, is that you singing on "Sing a Life Never Lived" ? What a
marvelous tune. Makes me think of how Rush has reacted to having a new
baby sister when she was 16.

"Hello Helpdesk", besides being a rousing bouncy rocker, makes me laugh
hard, being a recently escaped 'support technician' - I really wanna
learn this one for the next time we play a geeky gig. Or not; play it
for some country folks, and see if they get it! Groovy groovy bass

"Have I Gone Astray" has such great U2 overtones. Nothing overtly
derivative, just a very graceful, airy, Celtic wandering feeling to it.
Pensive, moody.

So, when's the next installment of tunes? When will "Selected Case
Studies" be available?


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