[thechat] fantasy authors (was RE: Cadfael)

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Fri Dec 23 10:01:41 CST 2005

> I suppose it really depends on what you find interesting 
> about fantasy. 
> Certainly my favourite fantasy is diametrically opposed to 
> that which Ian and Kevin spoke about.

Makes a huge difference in what one considers 'good writing', I'd say ;)

> Tolkien had his good points... he was able to create an 
> 'epic' world, and flesh 
> its mythology out well. But his sense of pacing was *far* off 
> imo (really slow 
> starts, even worse than Williams) and was far too ready to 
> wander off into 
> lavishly describing things that really weren't important.

Well, that may just be it: that kind of atmospheric escape into another
world is exactly what I'm looking for. Big reason I love Raymond
Chandler; when Marlow walks up the drive, you see the empty swimming
pool, and exactly how empty it is; you see the dried grass and the
curtains blowing in the window across the street. By the time he gets to
the door you're there with him, shirt stuck to your sweaty back and your
hat off 'cause it's just too darn hot.

Tolkien's wanderings and tangents are the kind of storytelling I'm used
to, probably from the long winter nights as a child listening to my dad
and his brothers spinning yarns that got longer every year.

But, I'll check into your other recommendations. No such thing as too
many books to read. Thanks


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