[thechat] Small Petty Things - wuz - RE: new year, new life

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Thu Jan 5 10:38:06 CST 2006

> Fish are fun!  (They _do_ wet on the kitchen floor however, 
> especially if you teach them to play volleyball.)

Years ago a friend had half a sandwich snatched from his hand by a 10"
Oscar. I think that made a splash, too.

> By 'small aquarium' I do hope you mean something in the 40+ 
> gallon range.

Right; small as in 'not a full wall divider' - as a teen my brothers and
I had three aquariums; the little tank was 40 gallons; the others were
both about 65. Our first tank was 10 gallons, and more work than all
three biggies combined.

> But fish tie you down!  It's tough to travel when you have fish 
> at home ... unless you don't mind the neighbors overfeeding and 
> killing them while you are away.

Well, mix slow big fish with fast little fish, and they can take care of
themselves for a few days . . . 

> Aha! Maybe something like this cute little guy:
> http://www.applegatereptiles.com/species/campbelli.htm

I'll send that *right* off to Sue. She'll thank you profusely. Probably
with one of those baked potato skewer things.


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