[thechat] Keeping flowers alive

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 6 08:40:38 CST 2006

Joel Canfield noted:

>>I'd forgotten this: cut the stems under running water, then 
>>get them into water quickly. Prevents air bubbles from getting 
>>into the stems and prevent uptake of water.

"Aye ... and be suren keelhaul that thar stem on the kitty-korner-wise 
with a sharp cutlass.  This avoids tearing the delicates and
their capacnicity fer hold'n their grog. Hardier fleurs kin ev'n be 
'drowned'! Hold'n the ent'r fleur under the waters satnurnates the 
petals and the stem to ensure a longer lasting bounty fer yer beauty."



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