[thechat] Keeping flowers alive

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Fri Jan 6 17:47:58 CST 2006

> "Aye ... and be suren keelhaul that thar stem on the 
> kitty-korner-wise 
> with a sharp cutlass.  This avoids tearing the delicates and
> maximizimums 
> their capacnicity fer hold'n their grog. Hardier fleurs kin ev'n be 
> 'drowned'! Hold'n the ent'r fleur under the waters satnurnates the 
> petals and the stem to ensure a longer lasting bounty fer yer beauty."

I just had to say something about this. I have no idea what, but I had
to say something.

'arrr', indeed

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