[thechat] ice cream songs

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Jan 17 12:32:57 CST 2006

> If you're in A, then you can swap:
> F#m for A
> Bm for D (Bm7 ideally as then it's nice and dubious, 
> *especially* in 1st inversion ie
> with the D as bass).

uh, dinna get that; nagrom was talking about the similarity of the ii
and the IV making both acceptable for the 'ice cream' progression. Not
clear on how your comments relate. (I realize it's me, not you.)

> So your classic "end of the tune" cadence is V-I, which in G 
> is D-G. If you imagine each
> note as a voice, then the F# *needs* to go up to the G. You 
> can make it a bit richer by
> adding the 7th: V7-I: D7-G. In which case, the dissonance of 
> the C natural *needs* to
> resolve down to the B.

You had my right up to the C natural. Where'd that come from when we're
talking about D and G and F#?

Somehow I feel like I left the room for a minute and when I came back
everyone was speaking a different language. I still realize it's me, not
you :)

> Anyway, thus concludes the lesson. Some more on cadences here:

Which I appreciate more than you might realize. Thanks muchly. And I'll
listen to my Handel and such with all that in mind.

> http://www.andymilne.dial.pipex.com/Cadentialforms.shtml

Wonderful link. Too bad my head exploded halfway down the page. I'll try
again ;)

and suggestions for bookish directions would be stupendous. While
crunching out blues or twanging out country doesn't require this stuff,
I have to have it clearer before I start writing stuff I won't be
embarrassed to share.

thanks all


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