[thechat] Presidenta Bachelet

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Tue Jan 17 13:44:14 CST 2006

Hey Javier,

congratulations, I love it ... single parent and all

/me ponders how many years until she's eligible for president ... oh wait,
we've already had a single mother ... shite :)

* the 'not-gonna-be-the-first' one*
(btw. not bonna be pres. at all - at least not national pres. - now
president or CEO of a big business is another thing)

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|:.Hi gang,
|:.I'd like to get some of your impressions on the coverage of 
|:.the Chile's 
|:.recent presidential election that gave us the first 
|:.democratically-elected female president in latin america.
|:.Have you seen her bio?
|:.In case you're wondering, I'm really happy about it, she's a 
|:.strong and 
|:.coherent person.
|:.PS: let's see how long this lasts before turning into a music 
|:.conversation ;)
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