[thechat] ice cream songs

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jan 17 16:39:55 CST 2006

Ian Anderson innocently asked:

>>Incidentally, are any of you intense muso's going to post any 
>>MP3s so the rest of us can find out what the heck you're 
>>yabbering on about? :)

You mean you WANT 75 files from punters badly mangling the 
opening to 'Smoke On The Water'????   Wow!  Even *I* could 
participate in that!   (Not to mention what it would do 
for Martin's blood pressure!)   ;-P

At least a dozen evoltistas have shared personal performances 
in the past ... Okay, only about 4 if you restrict yourself 
to music and don't count Aardie's ham & cheese hamstah dance:

Here are a few nice tunes from nagrom:

Dang ... I know Joel has some music files available, but I 
can't seem to find them right now.  Joel?

Shirley Kaiser has some soundclips available here:

Rats, old person CRS kicking in, there was another young 
lady who shared a very energetic 'edgier' tune.  I remember 
enjoying it, but I can't seem to pull that link out of my 
butt either.



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