[thechat] Grey Squirrel Cull in UK

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Tue Jan 24 10:01:36 CST 2006

> I'm too old now to try to hit a lightning fast rodent
> from twenty paces much less go out stomping through the woods.

when I lived in Texas, my neighbor Charlie used to come home from the
woods with enough squirrel to feed his family of eight. thus explaining
why *I've* never tasted squirrel - no leftovers. man he was a crack shot
(ooh; oddly enough, he was sometimes also a crack*pot*)

I'm pretty sure I couldn't hit a holstein sleeping in the field, let
alone one o' them microscopic flashes. besides, if I had to clean my own
meat I'd be a vegetarian. (check your dictionary; the definition of
'squeamish' just says 'see "Joel")


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