[thechat] Grey Squirrel Cull in UK

Roger Austin raustin3 at nc.rr.com
Wed Jan 25 18:52:28 CST 2006

Tara Cleveland wrote:
> The earlier editions of the Joy of Cooking have directions on how to  
> clean and cook squirrel, possum, and a bunch of other little critters  
> - if you can get your hands on one. Makes for some interesting  
> reading for us non-hunting, vegetarian, lefty, tree-hugger, bunny- 
> loving, city-folk. :-)

  Tara, you are correct. Our 1975 Joy of Cooking has a section on
'Game' on p 513. Pages 514 has dressing a rabbit and page 515 has
squirrel. It comes with diagrams too. They misspelled Possum and
I quit reading at raccoon. Thanks for the info.

> I, on the other hand, *hate* squirrels so I'm truly enjoying this  
> conversation.
> I wonder if black squirrels taste any different than grey  
> squirrels... Anyone know?

  I had to google black squirrels since I had never heard of them.
is a list of all kinds of the irritating rodents. (Well, I guess
the rest of the night is shot now.) I don't see a black squirrel
listed in the Genus Sciurus. Maybe it is just a race of the greys.
The site also doesn't list any recipes, but googling "squirrel
recipes" gives a long list of them.

  Enjoy, Roger

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