[thechat] walking the turtle

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 27 15:01:50 CST 2006

javier velasco sent in another nifty pic:

>>you gotta see what passed by my window this morning 

Hi Javier!

Pretty neat!   ;-)

I knew some folks up north who would take their tortoises for 
'walkies' like that.  One fellow would tape his business card 
and some battery powered Christmas lights to his yellow foot 
and turn her loose at trade shows to generate traffic.

Hopefully red foots and yellow foots would be less expensive 
down your way.


(Generally pretty mellow dispositions too.  The only down 
side I've heard is that their diet of fresh fruits and 
vegetables can get kind of expensive at certain times of 
the year.)

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