[thechat] WhatThePlant?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Feb 9 14:34:41 CST 2006

SpinThumb, (aka Joel Canfield), asked:

>>I'm looking for an online tool a la 'what the font' that'll 
>>ask me a series of salient questions to identify the mysterious 
>>plants around our office 

Duuuuuuude!  Who are these people?  Displaced Arizonans?  

The only real Cali plant question is ... "Can I smoke that?"


Actually, I believe Aardie was working on just such a tool.  
IIRC the first 75 or so questions were geared to determining 
if the item in question was actually a plant or not:

(1) Does it like cheese?
(2) Has it piddled on my shoes recently?

Oh wait!  Nevermind! ... That was 'What theBoss'!

Deciduously yours,


(or wazzat 'monocotyledonously yours'?)

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