[thechat] A room with a view?

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed Feb 15 11:24:07 CST 2006

I have two offices, one at home, other at the job.

At home - where I'm typing from now - my desk sits at the 5th floor 
facing N-E. I'm surrounded by 1-2 story houses, most with good trees. In 
the distance, the Andes galore... curretly covered by haze. Consider 
that in the southern hemisphere, the sun hits strongest from the North, 
and we're now in plain Summer. There are several lifts in the skyline, 
buildings are being constructed all arround.

At the job, my office is at the 4th floor, facing south. There are no 
tall buildings in front either. The first lot next to us corresponds to 
the race track - yes, turf. Which has huge green park with loevely 
trees. There's a huge avenue and several old buildings along it. At the 
background the coastal mountain range. I can see sunsets from there, but 
usually have to shut the blinds down in the afternoon or my computer 
overhearts, and crashes. 

Ian Anderson wrote:

>My office is in a converted outbuilding, with an opaque glass panel door 
>for natural light but no windows. Consequently, no view.
>I just found myself wondering, what is everyone else looking at when 
>they look past their monitor or out their window?
>And what would you like to be looking at instead?
>Now: whitewashed bricks
>Wanted: a green field lined with trees running down to the edge of a 
>Scottish loch, with mountains receding into the distance...

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