[thechat] A room with a view?

aardvark evolt at roselli.org
Wed Feb 15 19:18:50 CST 2006

On 15 Feb 2006 at 16:13, Ian Anderson wrote:
> Now: whitewashed bricks

now: a coffee shop... earlier today, the road... spent much of the 
day on the road bouncing between clients... catching up now, so my 
office is a coffee shop... i know all the employees, so it's like my 
living room, only with strangers and no sitting on the floor...

> Wanted: a green field lined with trees running down to the edge of a 
> Scottish loch, with mountains receding into the distance...

wanted: women.

lots of women.

sure, in a green field, or on a mountain top, or floating in a lake 
(ideally in a boat, not face down)... but really, i don't care...

oh, yeah, failing that, a buffet...

it motivates me and comforts me... and the knowledge that i could 
climb in a steam tray of sub-par baked ziti and take a nap is also a 
bit comforting, if disconcerting...

oh, wait, am i on this list?

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