[thechat] if I was really evil I would start a phone company and revel in being a monopoly

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 05:13:30 CST 2006

Canfield, Joel wrote:
> yesterday, mid-conversation, our home phone died. no dial tone.
> also, no DSL. No home phone, no web server connection, no email.

I'm intrigued to know how you're sending this, then. Mental telepathy? 

I do sympathise with your telecoms nightmare. In the Middle East and 
developing countries they often have right-wing totalitarian regimes; in 
the UK, we have this too (hi Tony) but we also have NTL. The government 
is in charge of taxation and removing civil liberties, while NTL and its 
fellow faceless corporates are in charge of sucking every last shred of 
happiness and decency out of the land. If they can't get you into one of 
their call centres to dehumanise you, the next best thing is to sell you 
their phone and internet services.

Seriously, I start to whimper if I have to even think of calling these 
dreadful companies. Nice fast broadband, though...

For my fortieth birthday I am thinking of chucking in web development, 
joining the anticapitalist movement and climbing a lamppost in Trafalgar 
Square. Anyone else coming? Apparently MacDonalds have sponsored the 
event this year and there will be free burgers after the police let us out.

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