[thechat] if I was really evil I would start a phone company andrevel in being a monopoly

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Feb 24 08:38:23 CST 2006

Hello? Statue?  [1]

Hi Joel,

Can you hear me now?

<ducks quickly />

I sympathize with your plight ... 

Well, no.  Actually, that's not true at all.  In point of fact, 
I gleefully chortle at your predicament!  <chortle chortle /> 

It warms the little cockerel spanish girls of my heart!  ;-)

Heh! I spent the height of the "We don't care!  We don't HAVE to care! 
We're The Phone Company!" days droning away in the bowels of the evil 
empire.  Don't tell us about BOsFH - we *created* them!  And I must say,

there _is_ a certain, deliciously satisfying sensation that comes from 
maliciously crushing the hopes and dreams of customers helplessly caught

in the Byzantine labyrinth of Kafkaesque procedures that *comprise*   
... the phone company. Mmmmm Tasty!

<sigh /> Good times. Good times.

They say power corrupts.  It's not true.  Power creates phone companies 
instead.  Corruption is optional.  Ask WorldCom.

May 'tip and ring' be with you,


[1] In the Northeastern US anyway, many folks contract the phrase 
"Is that you?" to more of a ['s t'at you?].  So it's not uncommon to 
answer the phone and hear "Hello? Stat-U?" or "Hello? Statue?".

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