[thechat] if I was really evil I would start a phone company and revel in being a monopoly

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Fri Feb 24 10:02:35 CST 2006

lightbulb was correct :)

> Oh man. That would be so cool. So is that the key to being a web 
> developer *and* being able to afford three square meals a day?
> I knew I was doing it wrong...

no! no! do not do this bad thing! don't come back to the machine

> {self-employed for nearly eight years}

ah, the good old days, working in my jammies, waking up at 5 am with a
great idea, and implementing it instead of trying to sleep another hour
so I could stay awake at work . . . 

I, even I, would gladly eat less; yea, in fact, drink less, for the
freedom of self-employment again

yeah, I sent it from the office, since that's where I spend nearly every
waking hour anyway


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