[thechat] Neurothon II

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Mar 30 13:38:32 CST 2006

Joel noted:

> granddaughter roundup duties tonight and tomorrow.
>>somewhat like herding cats, eh? 

Yup!  The twins turned three earlier this year.  Their brother's
party for turning five is tomorrow.  Their cousin's fifth birthday comes

up later this summer ... and grandchild # 5 is due in May.  

Whew!  Some days my house looks like a Toys R Us return center!  ;-)

Currently 'Paw-paw Ron' seems to be back in fashion with the girls.
things come and go.)  So I'm looking forward to more soccer, (yes I know

they *are* girls but for some reason I didn't quite expect them to "run 
like girls" for a few more years yet! Arms out to the side doing the 
flying princess routine while giggling and kicking the bejeebus out of 
the ball ... Hilarious!), more puzzles, and more cartoon watching while 
brother is off playing baseball.

>>fiona er canfield turnt two yesterday

Congrats to Miss Fiona!  I hope she enjoyed it as much as I'm sure the 
rest of the family did!


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