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Chris Marsh thechat at cjmarsh.com
Fri Mar 31 15:35:02 CST 2006

Ron, Ian

> Belated congrats on the new toy!  ;-)  Sounds like Big Fun!

Thanks, it certainly is :) I was a member of a photography club 20 years
ago, and had a Praktica SLR then. I haven't done any photography since, but
promised myself that when digital SLRs came down in price enough I would
take it up again. The D50, in addition to having many great reviews, was
actually in my price range.

> How's the shutter lag time on the newer digital slrs?  (I 
> picked up one of the Nikon 
> Coolpix boogers a few years ago and, while I'm more used to 
> it nowadays, the lag is still 
> bothersome - especially in low light situations.)

So far I haven't done any serious composition - I've been snapping anything
and everything just to get used to the camera. I've noticed shutter lag on a
very few occasions, and only ever in low light.

> I would agree with Ian; on a cost/quality basis the photo 
> labs are still a better deal ... 
> but sometimes the convenience of having a printer at home 
> makes up for that.  <shrug />

My urge to get an A3 printer wasn't based on cost, it more to simply have
the option to print off A3 prints whenever I wished. After digesting Ian's
comments, though, it probably makes no sense to spend all that extra money
on something that I will use infrequently at best.


> Speaking of which, feel free to share any links to decent 
> shots you grab with the D50!

Absolutely. On my list of things to do is create an image gallery system in
.NET for the web. I could simply use an existing one, but I figured it would
be a nice little project to help learn more about .NET. I should imagine
I'll actually have a couple of photos to share by the time I write the
gallery :)

Thanks for the responses, chaps!



Chris Marsh

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