[thechat] [wasters] Neurothon II

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Mon Apr 3 11:29:33 CDT 2006

William Anderson wrote:
> howdo family types, waster types, work/exwork types, evolt types, and
> ... er, types :)
> It's that time of year again when neuro decides "hey, I wanna get
> absolutely steamin' in glesga, and invite a load of folk along for the
> ride!"  Yes, it's NEUROTHON II!

howdo types!  yes, beers were consumed, much craic was said, and it was
a pretty good day/night!  For those who were still there near the end at
McPhabb's (a new worlds record for McPhabb's occupancy, nearly 12.5
hours!) a wee hardcore of us stoated off to Paisley, me with kebab in
hand, played a bit of poker, then slept mightily til the morning :)  Ade
and I have never enjoyed chowing on an Olympic Breakfast from Little
Chef off the A80 on a Sunday lunchtime!!

Ta much to rmr for the cool destinations coffee book, and to whoever
gave me the random baileys munchies - I think it was stu and regina but
my brain just thinks "baileys == mark" :)

Anyhoo, to those who made it, I cannae say thanks enough: cheers loads
for coming, even if it was just for a wee while.

To those who couldn't, you should book in for Saturday 29th March 2008
for Neurothon III: The Beer Strikes Back! :)  Gimme a buzz if any of you
who weren't there fancy a wee drinkie in glasgow or the capital sometime


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