[thechat] Calling Houstonians (is that a word :))

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Apr 3 15:01:52 CDT 2006

|:.From: Ian Anderson
|:.> I have a sligthly strange request for you. Does anyone has the
|:.> opportunity to take a look at a car parked in Houston, 
|:.inspect it of
|:.> sorts and maybe shoot some photos that I could then access?
|:.> I ask because my brother is thinking of travelling around the world
|:.> (or at least the Americas) in a car and the question is 
|:.whether this
|:.> one will fit the task.
|:.because, of course, we all know that cars are scarce in 
|:.Texas, don't we.

actually, I have no idea :)

|:.Makes perfect sense that an Icelander (presumably?) would 
|:.want to start 
|:.his round the world tour from Houston.

Nope. but he has some strange ideas of the car he needs for the ride and
claims that he has found one in Houston. His initial plan was to start up
north, Boston and that area and drive through the Canadian mountains before
driving down the west coast of US into Mexico and further down.

|:.On a barely related note, who's watched LazyTown, possibly 
|:.the coolest 
|:.and strangest children's show in recent years? It's from 
|:.Iceland too...

It's an interesting project. It's already 12 years old and Sportacus of
course far older today than when he created the concept :)
But I support everything that gets children moving

|:.Wonderful colours and design. I want to be Sportacus when I grow up!

I don't, but that’s for a totally different reason :)


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