[thechat] Longish reply -- RE: Calling Houstonians (is that aword:))

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 4 14:32:48 CDT 2006

Elfur Logadóttir noted:

>>He is working out the exact location of the one he had already found and thought to be 
>>intreaquing. Here's an url for that one, but the exact location isn't mentioned there 

Oh My Goodness!!

Gee.  I thought your brother was 'visiting'.  I didn't realize he was planning 
a full-scale invasion!

Okay.  No problem.  [I, for one, welcome our new Icelandic overlords.]  Forget the 
tent tossed in the trunk of the trashed-out Tercel, we're now looking for amphibious 
assault air craft carriers ... missiles optional.  

Kind of explains the limited city choice now.

Hmmmm ... Lemme see ... Yeah, I'm pretty sure we have those here in Houston.

* Check Auto-Trader.  They have a number of 'specialty' sites and publications, at 
least one of which covers things like this.

* There are a number of camper and "RV" dealers in and around town ... Mostly on the 
outskirts of town I think.

[A quick check didn't turn up anything this extreme.]

* This kind of stuff also turns up at 'park & sell' lots around here.  Some of 
those have websites.

* Local 'Army/Navy' outlet stores might carry the missiles ... or maybe a lightly 
used 'half-track' as an alternative.  There is a lot with a bunch of those under 
a freeway overpass near here ... dunno if they are selling though.

>>I will get back to you as soon as I know something about its exact location.

Okay.  I'll probably need to grab my wife's son-in-law to check out bad boys 
like that.  I think he sold his camper, but he's still got a few diesel trucks, 
(Dodge dualie and Ford Excursion), water toys, 4-wheelers, and when I last saw 
him Saturday he was trying to rearrange his garage to make room for a 70-something 
Vette he just picked up somewhere. Definitely a redneck, but he would know more 
about that kind of machinery than I.


[BTW - Yes, 'Houstonian' _is_ the correct usage.]

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