[thechat] music in Dago (was RE: Longish reply -- RE: Calling Houstonians (is that a word:)))

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Apr 5 10:11:06 CDT 2006

> little trip to San Diego

will you go listen to some music for me? handful of San Diego groups
that need supervision now that I'm livin' up north (just had a chat with
Peter from The Coyote Problem; "Goin' to Vegas" has been permanently
fused to my headphones here at work.)

iff'n you tell me when you're going, I can check gig schedules and point
you to good twang, great classical, steaming guitar, whatever you'll be
in the mood for after a handful of margueritas at the Tent City Diner in
Coronado (do NOT let the name fool you; tres upscale, and the best
marguerita I've had outisde my own kitchen . . . )

BOY do I need a road trip; might be heading to Vancouver with James this


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