[thechat] Moggies in the Mist was: Longish reply -- RE: Calling Houstonians (isthataword:))

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Apr 10 08:37:23 CDT 2006

Martin Burns:

>>Dunno about that - when I hear 'Moggie' in the context of motor
vehicles, I think of my 1st car:

Hi Martin,

Still looks more interesting than my first car.  I had a two-door Chevy
II like this one:

I believe my father paid $200 for it.  Anemic engine. Bench seats.
Manual 'three on the tree' 
tranny.  (Well, until I broke the shift lever off anyway. Continued to
drive it for months 
after that.  It was just a bit more challenging.)

It was closer to this colour:

And looked much uglier in person.

About the only place I've come across the term 'Moggie' has been from
the writings 
of Dennis Simanaitis, the Engineering Editor for Road & Track magazine.
I subscribed 
for quite a few years and still read online from time to time. (Never
want to miss 
Peter Egan's column! [Navigate through 'Features -> Side Glances']
Wonderful writing 
style.)  Dennis is a self-confessed Morgan afficianado and pretty much
only uses the 
term 'Moggie' in reference to things like these:


(Who has a number of toy cars at his desk, but they are pretty much all
more interesting 
things; (Miuras, Skyliners, GT500s, '57 Plymouth Belvedere, etc.) than
he actually drives.)

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