[thechat] music in Dago (was RE: Longish reply -- RE: CallingHoustonians (is that a word:)))

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Apr 10 11:00:35 CDT 2006

Joel Canfield noted:

>>will you go listen to some music for me? handful of San Diego groups
that need supervision now 
>>that I'm livin' up north 

Hi Joel!

We'll have to see how the schedule works out ... but I would definitely
appreciate some 

>>The Coyote Problem; "Goin' to Vegas" 

Catchy tune.  I need to burn things off my laptop at work so's I can
listen in the car

>>iff'n you tell me when you're going, I can check gig schedules and
point you to good 
>>twang, great classical, steaming guitar, whatever you'll be in the
mood for 

End of June.  Arriva: Wed, June 28th  ---  Derci: Mon, July 3

Prolly hit the zoo on Thursday to avoid as much of the crowd as we can.

Much of the rest of the time will be taken up hiking; plan to walk most
of Mission Trails 
and some other park I don't remember the name of.

May squeeze in some time for the aquarium, art museum, and/or any other
suggestions that come our way!   ;-)  It's pretty free-form at this
point - but there 
will be lots of hiking involved!

>>Tent City Diner in Coronado 
Sounds interesting!  ;-)

[A dinner guest last weekend used to live in San Diego ... a
loooooooooooong time ago ... 
and also mentioned Coronado Island as a neat place to see.  May have to
work that in somehow.]

More questions about 'fun stuff in San Diego' coming up as we get closer
to the trip.


(Geez ... I really need to get that stupid treadmill working again so
I'll be in good enough 
shape to hit those trails!)

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