[thechat] Pachelbel?

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 11 16:18:04 CDT 2006

--- "Luther, Ron" <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:

> How about a nicely done bit of Pachelbel to start
> off (or end ) your
> day?
> http://www.golfwealth.com/mysteryguitarplayer.htm
Eureka! The original is by the Taiwanese guitar 
sensation JerryC! I'd never heard of him but you can
find him at http://www.jerryc.tw/, where you can 
download the backing track.[1] 

Having some time on my hands[2] I searched around 
youtube and found several more of these guys who've 
either covered or just finger-synced JerryC's Canon


But if you'd prefer an acoustic version, how about a
guy named Trace Bundy? Hokey smoke!



* Well, unless your company-supplied laptop's IE6
  prevents you from doing so. Hmph. No luck with 
  Firefox either. Doesn't matter; I haven't played
  guitar since about 1981 when I sold my Guild 
  Starfire for US$300. 


  Yeah, that looks EXACTLY like it. Grrrr! Aaargh!

[2] I fractured my patella on Valentine's Day and have
been laid up ever since. Fortunately I still get %80
of my Boeing salary. Woo  hoo! Should be finally 
starting physical therapy pretty soon. What's that?
How'd I do it? I was fueling up my car and stepped 
over the hose, well, almost stepped over. Caught my 
right foot on the hose and went down on the left knee.
Yeah, it hurt.

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