[thechat] Perfect soft-boiled eggs

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Tue Apr 11 18:23:35 CDT 2006

Terry Fowler wrote:

> Thanks Ian! Along with the bum leg I had a lengthy bout of tummy 
> trouble, prolly caused by all the vicodin.
> When things started getting better I had a hankering for a soft-boiled
> egg. I used your approach and got perfect results. It'd been 10-15
> years
> since I'd had an SBE. 

Well, great! Mind you I read that too quickly the first time. I thought 
you said you'd just recovered from a dodgy tum _brought on_ by suggestions.

SBE == Serious Bowel Emission?

> Terry who clearly still has some time on his hands and is right fed up 
> with daytime TV. I was very lucky that the Olympics were in full swing
> when I broke the kneecap. Since then it's been slim pickins. :(

I am still cringing from your description of what happened to your 
(former) patella. Frickin' ouch

Get well soon. (...and do your exercises when the physio starts, they 
really work! Smashed ankle, 2000)

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