[thechat] House vs. Spike

Chris Spruck cspruck at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 11 22:23:17 CDT 2006

>Since I've been off work I've started watching "House". When I told my 
>wife that Hugh Laurie is a Brit she didn't believe me. (She later saw
>an interview with him and now believes). As I've watched several 
>episodes of the show I have not caught one telltale speech nuance that 
>would give Hugh away as anything but an American guy. 

If you like Hugh Laurie, I strongly encourage you to check out the 3rd season of the Black Adder series, Blackadder the Third (1987) and the 4th season, Blackadder Goes Forth (1989), (although IMO, not as good as the 3rd). In the 3rd, Laurie plays Prince George, a foppish, blithering idiot and foil to Rowan Atkinson as Black Adder, his personal butler. British comedy at it's best!!

Screencaps at http://www.hughlauriefaq.com/images/thumbnails.php?album=7. (I googled. I'm not some crazed Hugh fan who tracks his screencaps.)
The full-on Blackadder story is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackadder.


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