[thechat] Mini Cooper S with GP kit

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Wed Apr 12 08:40:58 CDT 2006

> Funky cool is neat ... But $48k neat?

uh, I sorta suspected it'd be pricey. but not double-pricey; you can get
a decently equipped Mini 'round here for $23K.

At $48, I'd spring for the gas guzzling anti-green ozone destroying

> >>Only 2,000 will be made. Only 415 will be available in the US.
> (2) Exclusivity is cool

I meant it as a downside. My driving sets me apart, all on its own;
don't need distinctive wheels to do it :)

> Dang! ... Who is this 'old' guy?  ;-P

how's that '74 Deville workin' for ya, grampa?

old people. sheesh.

Now, if you compare that funky little Mini to my battered Kia Sportage,
I think we get virtually nothing in the Kia's "Pros" column except
price. Yeah, wheelbase is short enough that I can change front and rear
tires simultaneously. Except you'd need three jacks to lift the pig; at
least my standard tranny model only weighs a billion tons; Tristan's
automatic came with a paving addon so you could repair the road after
you crushed it.

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