[thechat] House vs. Spike

John Handelaar john at userfrenzy.com
Wed Apr 12 09:22:35 CDT 2006

Terry Fowler wrote:
> Since I've been off work I've started watching "House". When I told my 
> wife that Hugh Laurie is a Brit she didn't believe me. (She later saw
> an interview with him and now believes). As I've watched several 
> episodes of the show I have not caught one telltale speech nuance that 
> would give Hugh away as anything but an American guy. 

Whereas I've spotted one or two slips.  English people
who get US accents wrong often do it by slipping
unwanted 'r' sounds behind an 'a', and Hugh L trips
on it.  Rarely.

Of course I have a genuine specimen accent sitting right
next to me while this is on.

(And I don't see House anymore because I moved to Ireland
and we only have 4 channels, and one of those is in Irish.
But I digress.)

> After several years of Buffy we got the first season on DVD (at a 
> discount some time after it came out) and were blown away by the 
> commentary by James Marsters, who turned out to be an American guy. I'm
> wondering if he did as good a job on his dialect as Hugh Laurie is
> doing.

Well, I'm from London.  When I first saw him he had
me fooled.  Those were later shows.

Since then I've seen some of his earlier efforts,
which are completely disastrous.

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