[thechat] Mini Cooper S with GP kit

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 13 07:38:15 CDT 2006

Roger Austin noted:

>>I rolled 190k on my Accord this week commuting to RTP. 

Woooot!  Terrific!  Hope mine lasts close to that.

>>My experience with mid-60's MGs makes me very wary ... 

Heh.  I used to go to lunch with a fellow in his MGB-GT.  *ALL* of the
holding the bucket seats in had rusted completely through.  On the one
it was kinda neat to dine 'al fresco' anywhere - just pull a seat out
set it on the sidewalk.  Viola!  On the other hand it did make for an 
interesting bit of 'bumper cars' while we were driving about!

<Spock voice />[What is this 'safety' thing of which you speak?]


Who once tried to talk a buddy with a Triumph Spitfire into using it for

endurance racing!  {I don't care who ya are - *that's* funny!}  It
been cool.  We coulda towed it to a race. He could have driven it for 45

minutes or so.  Then we could tow it home to repair.  The next event I 
would get to drive for about an hour until it broke again.  [We had no 
illusions of actually winning or even finishing. We just thought it
be cool to be out on the track for a little bit ... and he already had
the car.]

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