[thechat] House vs. Spike

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Mon Apr 24 04:21:55 CDT 2006

William Anderson wrote:

> Muha-ha-ha-haaaaaa ... err, can you leave the Liquid Rooms alone?  And
> Maplins?  Ooh, and Papa John's:>

Is Clatty Patties* still there?

As a historical sidenote, some might be interested to learn that certain 
fine officers of the Maryhill Police used to park their panda car up the 
side alley in the evening, turn the nozzles on the screen wash jets 
round to point at the pavement, and squirt any scantily clad young 
ladies they fancied the look of as they left the club. This was 
considered highly amusing, by most if not all of those concerned.

My other favourite memory of that place was hearing about when a young 
man was stripped naked and hand-cuffed to a lamppost outside Clattys by 
his stag night buddies for a lark, and promptly arrested by two plain 
clothes police officers for - well, being hand-cuffed naked to a 
lamppost, I suppose.



* For those unacquainted with Glasgow's West End in the early 1990s, 
this was "Cleopatra's" - a notorious vice den and night spot of ill 
repute close to the University area

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