[thechat] Catch me on podcast radio

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 25 08:17:46 CDT 2006

Roger Austin sent the corrected link for the Madman interview:


Thanks Roger!

[Geez!  How's the guy gonna fame-whore if he can't get the link right?]

Good show, Madhu!  I thought you came across as bright, energetic, and
fun ... and 
considerably more articulate than many of the guys from Bangalore that I
work with!


{Who knew a weird chef guy in Ohio who collected a few antique cook
(Several that were close to 200 years old.) They would, if the currency 
converter is correct, probably put you back more in the 20k - 25k INR
... but they offer an interesting insight into the life, food, and
of that time.}

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