[thechat] More Big Truck Stuff!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue May 2 07:52:54 CDT 2006

Bob Davis asked:

>>Did you ask how big the fuel tank is?

Hi Bob,

I think it originally had a ~50 gallon tank.  But that was soon deemed
inadequate.  IIRC it now holds something just over 100 gallons.  [Not
including the diesel in the generator, the 5 gallon spare ... or the gas
in the outboard tank (4 stroke so it doesn't drop oil in the water), or
the 5 gallon spare gasoline can ... or the jerry cans.]

The sunroof has a tank-like feel to it.  You can tilt it forward or
back, but it's completely manual and seems to require a pretty decent
effort to horse it around into the position you want.

The 'cabinetry' inside appeared to be all squared off plywood shapes. (I
suspect marine grade, but I didn't ask.)  Very functional.  No 'faux
burl' facades to peel away in the humidity.  Drawers and doors secured
with 'window-lock' style levers and a number of those flush push-button
openers you find in the boating world.  Pretty much completely devoid of
the whole fake granite, fake cherry, plush pile carpeting freeway
cruiser vibe.  This thing is meant for serious use.  If you break a
cabinet door in Botswana, no sweat, get a piece of wood and spend a day
with the saws, paint, caulk gun, spare hinges, spare fasteners ... and
you are good to go!

A spare roll of mirrored window tint - in case you break a window - or
just feel a need to pimp something out.

Maybe its that 'a practical people' thing, but the money was put into
functionality - a top of the line water heater so the two of you don't
have to wait 45 minutes between taking showers to let the water heat
back up - and not in glued on laminates.

I really think you would like the truck, Bob.  [I blinked once and found
myself in an alternative universe where you were explaining to me, after
your 30 years of travels, why you had placed this part *here* instead of
over there because it made more sense. It was pretty funny.]  When Axel
was showing me that he had a complete spare set of engine mounting
bolts, (those are very large bolts!), I smiled and thought ... If I was
Bob my reaction would be "Of course you do!  It's the sensible thing to
have!"  ;-)

Elfur's brother is a photographer.  I will bug him for a link to a
running photo-journal so we can all travel with him in the beast!


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