[thechat] Strange booze

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 5 09:30:53 CDT 2006

Ian Anderson suggested:

>>1. Take a large tumbler
>>2. Half fill it with Kalua (a sweet, coffee flavour liqueur) 
>>3. Fill to the top with Vodka
>>It's actually quite nice. 

Hi Ian,

Yup!  Very yummy!  Especially chilled or over ice. (Although you 
have to drink it a tad more quickly then - before the ice eats all 
the hooch. Damn ice. Always sucking up my hooch.)

I usually have one when we're dining out.  Although ... <pet peeve /> 
It's kind of a crap shoot ordering one here in Houston!  [Quite 
often the wait staff or bartender thinks they heard you order a 
'Blanco Russian' instead. Grrrrr.]

Also nice ... throw a jigger or two of Kahlua (or Godiva chocolate
in your bowl of vanilla or cinnamon ice cream.   Mmmmmmm!

... Thanks a lot Ian ... The diet coke sitting on my desk tastes
bland now ... <incoherent mumbling />


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