[thechat] More Big Truck Stuff!

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri May 5 13:26:29 CDT 2006

|:.From: William Anderson
|:.>> Black Death = Brennivín :)
|:.> Mmmm... Brennivín, Lovely stuff.
|:.> No seriously, I really liked it... in an "anything this 
|:.odd has to be  
|:.> good for you" kind of way. But then I'm weird like that. 
|:.Of course it  
|:.> has also resulted in me forgetting large swathes of EUVolt 
|:.2003 but  
|:.> ho-hum.
|:.christ, was that the stuff that had me speaking in a russian 
|:.accent for
|:.the bulk of the night?

yup. that would be it :)


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