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Hershel Robinson hershel at galleryrobinson.com
Wed Jun 7 18:31:59 CDT 2006

>   Conduit from a central location so that you can pull whatever
> you want later. That is what many offices do and you have the
> chance to bring a conduit for cable TV, wired networking, and
> fiber optic into your rooms when it becomes available to
> homeowners.

Now this is an interesting idea. Very interesting.

>   Another nice thingy is a whole house vacuuming system. Not that
> expensive, but really convenient if the house is more than one
> story high. I wish we had it.
>   A very weird idea I had when trying to unload stuff is to put
> a loading dock on the house. (I see you laughing so stop it!)

I was already laughing at the house vacuuming system. I have never heard 
of this. Brother, I am buying a 300-year old stone house in the Old City 
of Tsfat, Israel [1]. The streets are stone here my friend. The nearest 
access for a motor vehicle is either 200 meters away on my street, or 
parallel to my house, but about 3 of 4 stories down and a good 40 meters 

Anyhow no one really carpets homes here--everyone uses tiled flooring. 
Us too. :)

As far as appliances, that's what I hire the movers for. :)

>   Another thing I wish we had was a whole house fan. I have one
> at my old house and it was wonderful in our climate. You flip
> on the switch and it would extract all the air out of the house
> through the roof. I loved it and would like to retrofit one in
> our new house.

Cute. My roof is a meter thick of rock and concrete. I may however 
install a regular old (internal) ceiling fan. :)


[1] http://www.ascentofsafed.com/cgi-bin/ascent.cgi?Name=tsfat

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